Rise with Love Podcast

29: Mother Nature is our guide with Adam Barralet

Rise with Love Podcast
29: Mother Nature is our guide with Adam Barralet

Welcome to episode 29, where I introduce you to the incredible Adam Barralet, one of Australias top spiritual teachers.  He's an author, doTERRA Blue Diamond leader and intuitive reader and astrologer.  Adam is best known for his dedication and wisdom of crystals and often refered to as the true rock star of the crystal community.
This was one conversation I was so excited to dive into, and hopefully brings you a little insight into my world of spirituality.  
Adam shares he's journey and how his childhood played a significant part in his love affair with nature, which he is now able to inspire thousands and even millions of people to fall back in love with nature. We discuss the importance of beginning to see ourselves as one with nature and the many healing opportunities she can provide.  Adam shares some insight on how ancient civilisations used crystals and how this led to his understanding of the wisdom he shares with his global audience.  
Ther are so many gems in this conversation that will spark that beautiful connection with the world around you, reminding you to enjoy the moment you're in and the physical experience that you get to have here on Earth. 
I have so much love and respect for Adam, he's been such an inspiration in my life and I hope he can add icredible value to your life and spiritual journey too. 

 Enjoy this episode. 

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