66: Dr Alison J Kay - Vibrational Upgrade

Episode 66 September 04, 2021 00:45:03
66: Dr Alison J Kay - Vibrational Upgrade
Rise with Love Podcast
66: Dr Alison J Kay - Vibrational Upgrade

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 66, where I introduce to the absolute master that is Dr. Alison J Kay from Vibrational Upgrade System.  She is a holistic life coach and healer here to support the next higher evolution of the collective & create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them.   This conversation was so epic for me and opened and release so much energetically.  Dr Alison shares how her journey began, growing up with her brother and playing in the woods connect to her surroundings, journalling from her higher consciousness as a teenager, and her mother suggesting she become a psychologist.  Dr. Alison's path led her to work in the political arena to then teaching meditation to children in Asia.  We talk about the development of the human mind and how this has influenced her energetic work to help her clients access their own higher consciousness.  She talks about the clearing of the sub-conscious mind of what is no longer serving you (self-sabotage) so that you can open up to see the new opportunities of the reality you want to experience.  We dive into the 'how' of manifesting and how this is often not taught and leaves people confused with their own manifesting ablities.  She also recommends her book with a freebie 'Dragon Masters Creatrix'.  This episode is scared medicine and I hope that you take every opportunity to connect with Dr. Alison J Kay on your journey to Rise with Love. 

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