Rise with Love Podcast

54: Manifesting Mastery Mastermind

Rise with Love Podcast
54: Manifesting Mastery Mastermind

Welcome to epsiode 54 which is a live recording which explains my Manifesting Mastermy Mastermind. 

I'm Melissa Mills Medium and Soulful Alignment Mentor and I assist people like you all around the world to connect to their purpose and live extraordinary lives.
My Manifesting Mastery Mastermind is my life's greatest work you can receive through high level coaching in a group container.
It is designed to take you through deep mindset and soul work to align you to the highest version of yourself (which is where you create the life of your dreams).
Being in a group of like-minded people is the key to the success in the transformation it takes to upgrade your way of being to be more aligned with love, joy, abundance, freedom and infinite creation.
My mastermind is powerful and potent and will see you receiving many activations to support the transition of your transformation body, mind and soul.
You can apply to be part of my mastermind here
Lots of love
"Within the depths of your soul is a treasure trove awaiting your discovery."

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