Rise with Love Podcast

53: The unfolding path beyond the distraction

Rise with Love Podcast
53: The unfolding path beyond the distraction

Welcome to episode 53 which is a recording of a live I did to share a message from my heart.  

With so much currently going on in our world, how will you ensure that you are fully supported in the creation of the live you want to have, but are also worthy of.
The truth is...
It will take your dedication and commitment
It will take a mentor who have your highest interest at heart
It will take a community of like-minded souls
It will take a connection to your team of light and beyond
It will take an unwavering connection to the truth of who you are
As a spiritual teacher and leader I have created two sacred places for your soul growth and I highly recommend that you join both my membership & mastermind.
Because it is your responsibility not to live a life other than what you are worthy of!
You're unique qualities, skills, beliefs, knowledge and message is needed to enhance your life and the lives of all of us.
Join the Soulful Alignment Academy Membership here for guidance, tools and access wisdom my channelings and more
Apply for my Awaken, Align, Ascend Mastermind for your deep dive transformation and soul tribe community
Together we RISE.
Together we ASCEND.
Together we LIVE.
Love always
Melissa xx


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