Rise with Love Podcast

33: Kerryn Slater - A connection with Spirit

Rise with Love Podcast
33: Kerryn Slater - A connection with Spirit

Welcome to episode 33, where I introduce you to my dear soul sister from Australia Kerryn Slater from Holistic Essentials Therapy.   Kerryn is one phenomenal lightworker who radiates so much love, and that is one of the many reasons I just love seeing her shine and transform the lives of thousands of people globally.
In this coversation we delve into all things that we love such as our adventures together, meditation and manifesting.  
Kerryn shares the circumstances that led to what she calls her re-awakening and this is inspiring for anyone who is feeling like they've hit rock bottom.  She also chats about busting the myth that there is something wrong with us, and I just loved what she had to say on this1
Of course, Kerryn explains her experience with meditation and the greatest healing that has come about for her through a daily meditation practice.  We also chat about why women struggle with self-esteem issues and how we can overcome that.
And when we talk all things manifesting Kerryn shares her number one tip for manifesting and how you can attune yourself to the energy of the Universe.

 Enjoy this episode, there are so many gems.

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