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25: Healthy & Beautiful with Lauren Tesmer

Welcome to episode 25, where I introduce you to Lauren Tesmer Holistic and Emotional mentor and founder of Trilogy.  We have a very honest and open conversation about mental health and how we can begin to change the stigma around this often deemed taboo subject.  Lauren is so passionate about her vision to truly help women to be beautiful and healthy.  She talks with us about coming from love instead of doing this for love and that you don't need the validation of others.  She explains the difference between mental and emotional health and that your emotions are just that, they are a fact you need to occupy.  Lauren inspires you to take action in order to create the change that you want, and training your brain to create the desired outcome.  
There are so many gems in this conversation and I really encourage any women to take part in one of Lauren's programs to start feeling healthy and beautiful.

 Enjoy this episode. 

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