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The Rise with Love podcast with Melissa Mills is your weekly dose of inspiration for you to create the life you truly desire. Melissa is a visionary leader here to disrupt the way women live their lives as they redefine what it means to be a woman as they embody their full Femme potential. Melissa is based in New Zealand and works globally as a Women's Empowerment Mentor and is the founder of the Femme Academy. Melissa will share from her heart inspiration and practical tools to empower you to rise into your Femme energy so you can chosse you and the life you truly desire to create. She will also interview leading experts in their fields and how they create their impact as they Rise with Love. The future is Femme and it's time to become HER!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 44: Flip your Mindset and transform the world

    Welcome to episode 44, in this episode I share with you the Flip It Mindset which is a fundamental key to the Rise with Love Philosophy.  I'll explain why your mind is the greatest gift you have this lifetime and how you can nurture it to create the experiences you ...


  2. 43: Kerrie Wearing - Medium to the Divine Feminine

    Welcome to episode 43, where I introduce you Spiritual leader and Medium of the Divine Feminine Kerrie Wearing from Australia.  This conversation for me was super interesting and we covered a few of my favourite topics.  Kerrie shares that the loss of her brother to suicide is what led to ...


  3. 42: Whispers from Above

    Welcome to episode 42 where I talk from my heart about why I want to be part of making mediumship the norm #makingmediumshipthenorm.   Being a medium is my souls purpose this lifetime, something I feel so deeply honoured to be able to share with the world.  Whispers from Above ...


  4. 41: Adriana - The Garden of Eden

    Welcome to episode 41, where I introduce you to Life Coach Adriana from Big LittleTalks with Adri.  I absolutely loved being able to have this really empowering conversation with Adriana talking all things self-empowerment.  Adriana has a beautiful vision which she refers to as her Garden of Eden - a ...


  5. 40: Sunita - Angelic Awakening

    Wahooo we are celebrating 40 episodes!  I couldn't think of anyone better to take this milestone spot than my good friend Sunita from Angelic Awakening.  Sunita is an incredible channeler who brings forth the angelic and cosmic being to assist in guiding humanity to awaken and rise with the wisdom ...