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The Rise with Love podcast with Melissa Mills is your weekly dose of inspiration for you to create the life you truly desire. Melissa is a visionary leader here to disrupt the way women live their lives as they redefine what it means to be a woman as they embody their full Femme potential. Melissa is based in New Zealand and works globally as a Women's Empowerment Mentor and is the founder of the Femme Academy. Melissa will share from her heart inspiration and practical tools to empower you to rise into your Femme energy so you can chosse you and the life you truly desire to create. She will also interview leading experts in their fields and how they create their impact as they Rise with Love. The future is Femme and it's time to become HER!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 48: Tam Veilleux - The Energy Almanac

    Welcome to episode 48, where I introduce you Astrology and Publisher Tam Veilleux.  Every year Tam publishes the Energy Almanac designed to assist you in understanding the energy for the year ahead and how to apply it to co-create your best life.   We discuss how their is a triad ...


  2. 47: Michele Scott - Numerology

    Welcome to episode 47, where I introduce you to Australian Numerologist Michele Scott.  Michele and I met through being contributors for the Spiritual Discovery Journal which is available through Synk Media.  Michele has a teenager asked herself some deep questions that led her on a beautiful personal journey of alignment ...


  3. 46: Breaking free from limitations

    Welcome to episode 46, where I adress the very important topic of limitations.  Limitations are what I see holding my clients back from fully Rising with Love to co-create their best lives, so I dive deep into why limitations are the oppositive of what we came here to experience, how ...


  4. BONUS: Rise with Love Affirmation Meditation

    Welcome to this BONUS episode which is a gorgeous affirmation meditation.  There are 12 Rise with Love affirmations that will be anchored into every part of your being to assist you on your Soulful Alignment journey to Rise with Love in co-creating your best life.Download and enjoy anytime you ...


  5. 45: Mediumship is the key to Humanity's Ascension

    Welcome to episode 45, in this episode I share a very important message that is core to my heart and that is the role that mediumship plays in the acension process currently happening for humanity.  Every mediumship exprience you can be a part of is going to be very significant ...