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The Rise with Love podcast with Melissa Mills is your weekly dose of inspiration for you to create the life you truly desire. Melissa is a visionary leader here to disrupt the way women live their lives as they redefine what it means to be a woman as they embody their full Femme potential. Melissa is based in New Zealand and works globally as a Women's Empowerment Mentor and is the founder of the Femme Academy. Melissa will share from her heart inspiration and practical tools to empower you to rise into your Femme energy so you can chosse you and the life you truly desire to create. She will also interview leading experts in their fields and how they create their impact as they Rise with Love. The future is Femme and it's time to become HER!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 53: The unfolding path beyond the distraction

    Welcome to episode 53 which is a recording of a live I did to share a message from my heart.   With so much currently going on in our world, how will you ensure that you are fully supported in the creation ...


  2. 52: Deleting Poverty Consciousness

    Welcome to episode 52, where I adress something dear to my heart and that is to delete the subconscious programing of poverty consciousness.  In my time as a spiritual leader I've seen many people lose sight of their dreams because of the default programming that is "I can't afford it". ...


  3. 51: Samantha Ruberto - the impulses in your heart

    Welcome to episode 51, where I introduce you condifence coach Samantha Ruberto.  I asbolutely loved this authentic and refreshing conversation with Samantha about all things that ring true to my heart.  She shares with us how she changed the trajectory of her life by leaving her successful job in realestate ...


  4. 50: Nicole DiCristofaro - The Divine Flow

    Welcome to episode 50!!!WOW, I cannot believe that we are now well and truly established with the Rise with Love podcast.  Thank you for all your love and support.  I'm so excited to  introduce you Nicole DiCristofaro from the Divine Flow.  Nicole is an incredible Shamanic healer who has such ...


  5. 49: Moni Rodriguez -Joy Alchemist

    Welcome to episode 49, where I introduce you Joy Alchemist, author and mentor  Moni Rodriguez.  We had such an uplifting conversation around the topic of joy and how to embody all aspects of joy.  Moni discusses the decision that changed the trajectory of her life to live in complete joy ...