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The Rise with Love podcast with Melissa Mills is your weekly dose of inspiration for you to create the life you truly desire. Melissa is a visionary leader here to disrupt the way women live their lives as they redefine what it means to be a woman as they embody their full Femme potential. Melissa is based in New Zealand and works globally as a Women's Empowerment Mentor and is the founder of the Femme Academy. Melissa will share from her heart inspiration and practical tools to empower you to rise into your Femme energy so you can chosse you and the life you truly desire to create. She will also interview leading experts in their fields and how they create their impact as they Rise with Love. The future is Femme and it's time to become HER!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 63: Collective reading of Light

    Welcome to epsiode 63, where I do a collective reading the energy of light for you.  It is inspired by the one on one sessions that I offer called 'Ascending with your Light' session. When ever you listen to this episode, know that the messages come to you at exactly ...


  2. 62: Jade Miller - Kundalini Rising

    Welcome to episode 62, where I introduce to the absolute goddess that is Jade Miller.  I become mesmorised by Jade's beauty, sensuality and embodiment of divine feminine.  Jade is an Kundalini activator and Awakening mentor who works with women globally to assist them in awakening their kundalini energy through the ...


  3. 61: The gift of Sisterhood

    Welcome to epsiode 61, where I share very vulerably and openly the abrupt end of my friendships in 2019 and how I rebuilt myself from this experience.  I share how a new group of sisterhood has entered my life and how they completely held me on my healing journey, and ...


  4. 60: WOW Celebrating 60 episodes

    WAHOOOOO, celebrating 60 episodes of the Rise with Love Podcast.  Thank you sooooo much for being on this journey with me.  Tune in for how doing this podcast has completely transformed me and my work, and how following your nudges can do the same for you.May this episode ...


  5. 59: Replay of Soul Jam Session - trusting your soul

    Welcome to epsiode 59 where I share with you the replay of the Soul Jam session for my Academy Members.  Every week I go live for those in my memership with the Soul Jam Sessions to inspire, conenct and feel good while receiving wisdom, guidance and insight from the Divine. ...